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Illinois house passes death penalty ban

Illinois Death Penalty Ban Debated

At $1.9 million and counting, Gauger case costly for McHenry County

$1.2 Million Cost for McHenry County Taxpayers for
Gary Gauger Trials thru July

Injustice of the Gauger Verdict

Jury rules detectives did not frame Gauger

Testimony in Gauger case ends abruptly, deliberations start Thursday

Gary Gauger's twin sister tells court that part of her brother is gone

Gauger’s wife details ordeal

Gauger trial expected to end Thursday

Detectives say odd behavior was troubling

Detectives contradict Gauger's testimony

First detective takes stand at Gauger trial

Gauger stands firm on story that deputies framed him

Gauger says police bullied him into confession

Gauger tells jury detectives refused to believe him

Gauger begins describing interrogation

Testimony begins in Gauger's suit against sheriff's deputies

Gauger testimony to turn to murder date

Jury selection starts for exonerated death row inmate's suit against cops

More jury selection in Gauger case

Jury selection continues in malicious prosecution case

Six of 12 jurors chosen in Gauger case

Gauger trial to start Monday

Gauger civil trial to start Monday

Gary Gauger shares tale of conviction, exoneration at MCC

Death penalty forum

MCC student group to host death penalty discussion

New book tells Gary Gauger's journey from convicted murderer to free man

Case against county ready for trial

Gauger civil lawsuit against ex-detectives set for trial

Gauger writes book about his wrongful conviction

Lawmakers hold committee debate on death penalty

Judge dismisses portion of Gauger suit against county

Judge dismisses portion of Gauger suit

Judge won't end Gauger suit

TV series to depict area case

Former death-row inmate writes book, seeks justice

Court denies new trial in Gauger $20 million lawsuit

Herald staff pick Fox Valley's top stories of 2009